As a Joomla! administrator you should be familiar with how to create and manage menus, menu items, the modulepositions and the menu types etc. Learn more about Managing Menus.

  • Adding a new menu and menu maintenance (create menu, create module, module settings, Editing)
  • Any dependence which involves doing this action
  • Adding a new menu item and menu item maintenance
  • Any dependence which involves doing this action (Actions which could be executed by a menu item)
  • Deleting, Editing, Copying an item, Moving an item to another menu
  • Changing the order of items in a menu
  • Moving a menu to a different position
  • Creating a submenu
  • Modules position, see which modules are assigned to a particular menu items
  • Filtered views / view types & options
  • Menu types category view, etc.
  • Hidden menu item (how to create and why you would need this)
  • Menu alias (Alias generation, purpose)
  • How to create a vertical menu parting from a horizontal menu (with the same content)
  • Menu creation parting from another existing menu
  • Batch (Purpose, Options)


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