blog3At the Dutch JoomlaDays Johan van der Velde en Arjen Schrijvers gave the first Joomla! Certification Program presentation in The Netherlands. Arjen is part of the JCP team as a Team Leader of the exam team. They made all the questions for the Administrator Exam. Johan van der Velde is the Assistant Team Leader of the JCP marketing team and handles all kind of request. He also supports the other teams of the Certification Program.


Joomla! has a very large and commited community in The Netherlands. It's quite a small country, but there are over 15 JUGs and many volunteers live in this flat country near the North Sea.

Arjen en Johan told the Dutch visitors about the Joomla! Certification Program. The overall opinion was positive and the presenters received several questions, eg. about the exam room requirements and the Joomla! Learning Partners.

These questions will help the Certification Team to improve the JCP and rethink about the cultural differences in different countries. Joomla! has a large community and we like to receive feedback from as many people as possible. Together we make things better!

The Certification Team received very valuable feedback and will start finetuning the Certification Program and the presentation. The next presentation will be April 30 in Paris, where Eric Lamy will introduce the JCP to French Joomlers.

Then there was some other news. At the last day of the Dutch JoomlaDays the Administrator Badge was reveiled by Brian Teeman (co-founder of Joomla!) in front of about 200 visitors. Another milestone in the Joolma! Certification Program! We hope to see it on a lot of websites later this year. For more information about the Dutch JoomlaDays please visit