JandBeyond will take place next month. This great event will be held this year in Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany, located within the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area. Because of its geographic location, the city can be easily reached from multiple airports, by train and by car. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, meet the community, and also to get Joomla! certified!

 Just like last year, an exam session will be held the second day of the event, during the unconference part of the program. But this year there is a difference: the Joomla Administrator exam will be available in several languages.

In addition to English, the exam will be available for the first time at JandB18 in Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

This is possible thanks to our Translation team, which has been working hard over the last few months to make this possible.

By the way, there is still work to be done and languages to be translated, so if you are certified and want to help, contact us!


See you in Cologne!