The United States of Joomla!

It is great to see that the largest Joomla! Events of 2017 are held in two countries with a strong and enthusiastic Joomla! Community! The lovely city of Kraków in Poland had the honor to host this year edition of JandBeyond last June. In November this year, the amazing city of Rome in Italy will host the Joomla! World Conference. Both countries have a large community. They are united by one major thing: the passion for Joomla! But there’s another connection as well...


Building bridges!

Both Poland and Italy have large communities. Mainly driven by people that only speak their own language. Did you ever think that JoomlaDays in Italy have 500 or even up to 800 visitors every year? Those numbers say enough! It’s remarkable to see that Italy has a large group of tech students who are interested in our CMS.

Despite the extent of the Polish and Italian communities, they aren’t seen often at international events. This is generally caused by a language barrier. The Joomla! Certification Team is very pleased to announce we build a bridge to narrow that gap.

Joomla! Exam is available in English and… Italian!

On JWC the first multilingual exam takes place. Candidates can choose whether they would like to do the exam in English or Italian.

Mark the dates (17, 18, 19 November) and start studying! Soon we will open the registration for the exam at JWC. We have 100 seats available. You can start now registering yourself at to create your profile. This will speed up the process when you buy your seat.

Hope to see you in Rome!