The Joomla! Certification Program is still young and growing, but it has already reached important steps. One of them has been to establish ways to make the exam accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, in addition to having sessions at official events like JoomlaDays or JUGs, the Certification Program uses Joomla! Learning Partners, JLP’s. A JLP is an organization that provides Joomla! Certification exams and may also offer Joomla training to its clients.
To know more about them, we start this section “Meet the JLPs”, and in this case with Perfect Web Team, which hosted its first exam on May 2, 2017.

Brief introduction about Perfect Web Team

Perfect Web Team is a full-service web development agency based in The Netherlands and we build all our websites based on Joomla!. We are dedicated and experienced Joomla! specialists. As a team, we improve, inspire and add to each other’s work. We strive to create the perfect website!

Why did you decide to become a JLP?

Perfect Web Team supports the local Joomla-community as much as possible. We are already doing this by donating our office space for meetups, by sponsoring the JoomlaDays, by organising events to share our knowledge and by contributing our time. By becoming a Joomla! Learning Partner we hope to contribute to a new area and get many certified Joomla! users. With our first exam session, we hope to add another six people to the list of - already! - 26 certified users in our small country.

Why do you think people should get certified?

Having a strong local community and ecosystem is important for anyone working with Joomla. For companies working with Joomla, but also for their customers. Having many certified Joomla! users is providing trust to choose for Joomla! as CMS for websites. If for whatever reason a customer is not happy with the work of a company they can choose a different company, without the need to start all over with a new CMS. By getting certified you show that you are committed to Joomla and know the ins and outs of this fantastic CMS!

How do you prepare your candidates for the Exam?

The candidates can choose for an optional training before the exam. If they choose for the training we still expect a good base of Joomla! administrator knowledge. We noticed that people using Joomla! for years are not always aware of the latest features, so we mainly focus on this area to make sure the Joomla! knowledge is completely up to date. We won't train people just to pass the exam, but we help candidates to be confident about their own Joomla! knowledge to pass the exam and to provide help with Joomla! questions they might have.

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