Written by Richard van Tilborg, CMT

On Friday March 31, 2017, the biggest Joomla! Administrator Exam worldwide was held in The Netherlands. The Dutch JoomlaDay organization was happy to welcome 29 Joomlers at the venue in Zeist. Many happy faces left the exam room that day.

Amongst the candidates were several top-level Joomla! integrators and developers. With an overall pass rate of 60% the Joomla! Administrator Exam proves it isn't the easiest exam, but it also shows it represents a certain value. Despite the fact that the exam was in English, it wasn't a barrier for most candidates. People that didn't pass today, still are positive about the exam and are determined to study even harder to become a part of the qualified workforce the Community intends to create.

Another great exam experience in "the old chapel" which led to almost 20 new certified administrators. Please visit https://certification.joomla.org/exams/exam-locations if you want to join an exam session too.