Blog 5 processing jlps
Good news for future Joomla! Learning Partners (JLP's)! On July 28, 2016 we launched an improved application process to become a JLP. The Certification Operations Team (COT) has received about 60 applications so far. All information had to be screened and handled manually. That's a lot of work!


Often applications were pending because some information was missing. COT tried to get in touch with applicants who submitted an incomplete application several times, but didn't get answers. This now belongs to the past.

The new application form, and the process behind it, make it possible to "self-process" and application. No more incomplete applications, no more tickets / email to ask for addresses, names, details, pictures, etc. This will really speed things up. The main innovation is that applications are now completely integrated with Google Drive.

If you are interested in becoming a Joomla! Learning Partners, please visit