Blog 4 JLP map

Certification Operations Team (COT) has been working hard on the approval of Joomla! Learning Partners (JLP) applicants, in order to start with the Certification Program. The process begins with reception and screening of the JLP application. In the next step, COT  will check applicant's background, ask to complete a questionnaire, interview the applicant and check exam room requirements.

At this time, COT received 63 applicants from 29 countries and 15 of them are ready to sign the contract.
This map shows countries with pre-approved JLPs. Leading countries: Germany and Netherlands (with 2 JLPs each).

Finally, the remaining applicants are lagging behind in the process. Please, if you have applied as JLP or you have asked to host a Certification Exam, look at your mailbox and answer emails from the Certification Program. If you did not receive an email from COT, please open a support ticket at