1. How often do I have to take the exam?
      Just for major versions. For example, the “Administrator Joomla! 3” exam is valid for all Joomla! 3.x versions.

    2. What happens when Joomla! 4 comes out?
      We will have two separates exams. For example “Administrator Joomla! 3” and “Administrator Joomla! 4”.
      Joomla! certifications are only available for major versions.

    3. What’s the format of the exam?
      Computer-based, 60 questions, 90 minutes, 80% score to pass the exam, multiple-choice, multiple responses and True/False.

    4. What languages is the exam available in?
      Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

    5. How can I prepare for the exam?
      Self-study, following the Joomla! Documentation (https://docs.joomla.org/Main_Page) or the Joomla! Video Training available at https://community.joomla.org/joomla-training.html
      You can attend training on a Joomla! Learning Partner in your country.

    6. Where I can take the exam?
      You can take the exam at a recognized Joomla! User Group, at a JoomlaDay event or at a Joomla! Learning Partner.
      The exam is not available online.
      Find all exams on our calendar.

    7. What happens if I don't pass the exam?
      You can try again 30 days after the first attempt.
      There's a discount for second opportunities:
        • 50% off for scores between 70 and 79 on the first attempt
        • 30% off for scores < 70 - on the first attempt

      All discounts are applicable are only applicable to the same exam type and same version (for example for the J!3 Administration exam). Please, contact us to arrange the re-take coupon.

    8. Who gets the money for the exam?
      The money goes to the Joomla! community through Open Source Matters.



How to ensure quality and do reviews?

  • For quality assurance reasons, all the exam results are reviewed per question and not per candidate.
  • The exam result is final and we do not review individual cases, the CEPT does not enter into a discussion about individual's result.
  • Only if the CEPT find a question or answer(s) to be seriously 'íncorrect' we will consider adjusting results for candidates affected in the specific exam session.


What are the System Requirements?

Exams are conducted online. All devices must meet specific Technical Requirements, and each device requires installation of Safe Exam Browser (SEB) software, to ensure you only have access to the Joomla! exam and nothing else.

If you are taking an exam at a Joomla! Learning Partner (JLP), a SEB pre-installed computer is provided for use. Please check with your exam provider for details. If you already have a SEB pre-installed computer, please skip ahead to the Exam Pre/Post Preparation section.

Downloading Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

Installing Safe Exam Browser in Windows

Installing Safe Exam Browser in Mac OS X

Troubleshooting: SEB for Windows - what changes does it make to your system?

Troubleshooting: SEB for macOS - what changes does it make to your system?


Candidates - Exam Pre/Post Preparation

Prior to the exam, is it recommended that you change your Exam Dashboard Password to something easy to remember. Once the exam is over you should change it back to something more secure.

Once seated in the exam room, your Supervisor will welcome you, check your Technical Requirements have been met, ensure you are correctly registered, and explain the exam rules.

Change your Dashboard Password

Refund Policy

Waiting Period