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The price of the exam is different per country because of the so-called Big Mac index. This balances the price between the cost of living and earnings in a country. In this way everybody gets the same chance to do the exam. The current prices are based on the Big Mac Index from January 2019, these prices are valid from 1st July 2019 until 30th June 2021 (this period has been extended due to the Corona pandemic).

At this moment Joomla! Learning Partners, JoomlaDays or Joomla! User Groups that host exams will buy exams from OSM and charge you for that same price without additionals charges. This will change in the near future. How does it work then? When you want to join an exam session at a JoomlaDay or Joomla! User Group, you will buy your exam seat directly from OSM via the Buy page.. The earnings from selling exams go straight back to the Joomla! Community.

Country Price
Argentina $55.00
Australia $60.00
Austria $55.00
Belgium $55.00
Brazil $60.00
Canada $70.00
Chile $60.00
China $40.00
Colombia $50.00
Costa Rica $50.00
Croatia $45.00
Czech Republic $50.00
Denmark $60.00
Egypt $30.00
Estonia $55.00
Finland $55.00
France $55.00
Germany $55.00
Greece $55.00
Guatemala $45.00
Hong Kong $35.00
Hungary $40.00
India $35.00
Indonesia $30.00
Ireland $55.00
Israel $60.00
Italy $55.00
Japan $50.00
Malaysia $30.00
Mexico $35.00
Netherlands $55.00
New Zealand $55.00
Norway $80.00
Pakistan $45.00
Peru $40.00
Philippines $35.00
Poland $40.00
Portugal $55.00
Russia $20.00
Saudi Arabia $45.00
Singapore $55.00
South Africa $30.00
South Korea $55.00
Spain $55.00
Sri Lanka $45.00
Sweden $80.00
Switzerland $90.00
Taiwan $30.00
Thailand $50.00
Turkey $25.00
UAE $50.00
Ukraine $25.00
United Kingdom $55.00
United States $75.00
Uruguay $60.00
Vietnam $40.00
Eurozone $55.00

Prices are shown in US Dollars and without VAT (TAX)

Is your country not in the list? No worries! Please let us know and we will get in touch with you! All we need is the price of a single BigMac in your country's currency.