As in person exams are currently on-hold due to above mentioned restrictions, and now that online seems to be the new normal, we often get questions about the holding of online exams (such as offered by other certification programs e.g. Microsoft).

The JCP exams are intended to show candidates can demonstrate and prove their knowledge.

A well earned Certificate has only value for the candidate and for Joomla if the exam is 

  1. Taken by the candidate (proof that the candidate is the person who applied for the exam.
  2. Carried out fairly and honestly (the candidate has no access to information) and only the candidate is involved in taking the exam.
  3. The exam Questions and Answers (Q&A’s) are not copied and especially not shared. 

Because the JCP wants to offer a guaranteed and valuable certificate, online exams add a number of extra ‘problems’ for us.

  1. Candidate validation: Being able to verify that the candidate is who has applied for the exam, and that this person (only) is involved in the exam.
  2. Honesty / fairness: Being able to ‘supervise the candidate’ - ensuring the candidate is taking the exam without access to any documentation or other resources, whether via (another) PC/Laptop, tablet or mobile telephone or another person.
  3. Exam integrity: Being able to protect the Q&A’s from being copied (screen prints, video, by hand etc) with the possibility that the candidate could re-use these for another exam attempt, or share these with others.
    We have a limited number of Q&A’s, so any leak / sharing of Q&A’s means the integrity of the exam is compromised and possibly in the future not usable.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Certification team