DISCLAIMER from the Joomla Certification Program (JCP) regarding the blog post "The Joomla! Certification Program is just like baking a cake"

Although the Joomla Certification Program (JCP) appreciates support and promotion of the program and Certification, this blog was unsanctioned and unsupported by the JCP. The author failed to give the JCP adequate editorial input on the piece and published it without our editorial sign off. As such we would like to distance ourselves from some of the opinions and assertions made in this blog.

Although the author has been a member of the JCP team in the past, for which we are very grateful, the author is no longer active and does not represent the JCP. This blog has been written from out of a personal or professional perspective and/or to promote his company. This blog has not been written by, on behalf of or with the consent of the JCP. We immediately contacted the author to discuss this post, but so far have not received a reaction.

The JCP hopes that no-one will feel offended by this blog, and the JCP would like to clarify our position and definitely does not support the following statement:

“When Master Boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven goes to work with flour, eggs and sugar, a beautiful and delicious cake comes out. When we start working with flour, eggs and sugar, the entire kitchen will be covered anyway and we hope that 'something edible' will come out. In two lines that is also the difference between Certified Joomla! Administrators and other website builders.” (Courtesy of Google Translate)

Although Certification can be used to demonstrate the knowledge and experience an Administrator has, certification is a choice. Not being certified does not mean that an administrator is not experienced and/or not capable of administering a Joomla website.

The JCP also does not agree with the negativity of the following statements:

"We all know a website that was created by a "professional website builder" (the nephew of a colleague's knowledge), but is rattling on all sides.** It would be a shame if the paying customer was ultimately dissatisfied not only with his website, but also with the Joomla! CMS in general."

“There are many website administrators who are perfectly capable of creating a beautiful Joomla! build a website, but are not certified. When you use Joomla! have a warm heart and build a good website for your customers, **then you should definitely continue to do so!”(Again both quotes courtesy of Google Translate)

There are now more than 200 certified administrators throughout the world, but there many more professional and capable administrators, that for one reason or another are not (yet) Certified.

For more information about the JCP please visit the JCP website certification.joomla.org/ or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, the JCP wishes to thank all Joomla! Administrators, certified or not, for your use and support of Joomla!

The JCP team.