As everybody knows, Rome has a long history, amazing events and iconic buildings. There is the Colosseum, the old city ‘Foro Romano’, the Pantheon and much more. It was a great city to host the Joomla! World Conference 2017. A unique gathering for Joomlers from all over the world. The Joomla! Certification Team was delighted to add another chapter to the history of Rome. JWC hosted the first ever Joomla! Exam in a non-English language.

Congratulations Flavio Quartararo

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Flavio Quartararo became the first Certified Joomla! Administrator who took the exam in Italian. Flavio looked delighted when he found out he had passed the exam. Flavio had a good score and found it difficult to hide his joy in passing the exam while his fellow candidates were still working.

Many congratulations on behalf of the entire Certification Team!


A beautiful start to the multilingual Joomla! Administrator Exam.

The Italian Exam in Rome was the test for the native language exams. Many hours of work from volunteers has resulted in a system that can be expanded to all other languages. There are already several Certified Joomla! Administrators that are translating the questions into their own language, just as Luca Marzo did for the Italian language.

37 candidates from 11 different countries.

Getting certified is contagious. At the start, just 12 candidates had signed up for the exam, but along the way, more people joined. In the end, 37 candidates from 11 different countries took part. They came from far and wide - France, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Slovakia, Colombia, USA, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Kenya, and of course Italy. This resulted in 16 new Certified Administrators.

It is exciting to see the enthusiasm people have for the certification, wanting to become part of the newly qualified workforce of Joomla! Administrators.

Run a certification exam at your JUG or JoomlaDay?

If you want to have an exam at your JUG or JoomlaDay, please visit Certification website and fill out the form. The Certification Team will help you organise, promote the exam and give presentations at your event. Just let us know, and we will be there for you.