The Joomla! Administrator Exam at JandBeyond (#JAB17) was the most international exam so far. JAB this year was located in the city of Kraków, Poland. It’s amazing to see what the actual meaning of “Joomla” (all together or as a whole) looks like in real life. Fourteen candidates from Uganda, Israel, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Estonia and Algeria completed the exam on the second day at JandBeyond and eight of them passed with great marks.


2017 06 03 jandbeyond 2017 exam poland

New Certified Administrators means more Joomla! Professionals that can help organizations, clubs and friends to make great websites with Joomla! It also means the availability of more volunteers that can help with translating the English exam into local languages.

A great example of this is Poland. Poland has a big and strong community with a lot of knowledge, but English isn’t their native language. To include Poland into the certification as well, the exam needs to be translated into Polish. Because “Mr Joomla Poland” Stefan Wajda passed his exam at JandBeyond this means we are one step closer to bringing the exam to Poland. Stefan is very well known in the community because of all his translations. It is unbelievable that someone that hardly speaks any English has translated over 2,500 documents into Polish. To acknowledge this great performance, Stefan also received the Outstanding Personal Achievement Award at the “J.O.S.C.A.R.S” on the first JandBeyond night.

Together with Stefan Wajda (left) Sławomir Pieszczek (the first Polish Certified Administrator, right) will start translating the exam into Polish later this year.

2017 06 03 jandbeyond 2017 exam