To ensure that exam takers are able to focus on their exam, certain rules and requirements apply. These also ensure that the exams are executed properly. Both the JLP and the exam candidate will benefit from these rules.

The Joomla! Certification Team will check and may verify all examinations from time to time. They may also ask national coordinators or any other authorized person to check the JLP examination process on a regular basis.

A Joomla! Learning Partner must have:

  • at least 1 year experience providing Joomla! training or services (Joomla! web development, etc).
  • at least 1 computer lab or training room to conduct Joomla! certification (must be a physical location, not virtual).
  • at least 1 Supervisor for the examination monitoring and reporting.
  • a high-quality approach to services and customer satisfaction.

All Joomla! Learning Partners must comply with exam room standards and guidelines (see below).

Responsibilities of a JLP

  • Sign an agreement with the Joomla! Certification Project.
  • Purchase exams from the Joomla! Certification Project to offer to its clients.
  • Plan and conduct Joomla! Certification exams.
  • All examinations must be supervised by a registered Supervisor.
  • Ensure that no misconduct occurs during the examination.
  • Ensure that all information provided by participants is valid and cross check their identity with a photo ID.

JLP Code of Conduct

  1. The JLP confirms that all information and guidelines to contact the Joomla! Certification Operation Team are available.
  2. The JLP manages all documentation associated with the identification of the candidates.
  3. The JLP assures that the candidates do not enter the exam zone with unauthorized materials.
  4. The JLP manages and documents irregularities, sending a detailed report to the Joomla! Certification Operation Team.
  5. The JLP must ensure the integrity and security of the exam material.

Qualified Supervisors

  1. Supervisors will not supervise exams taken by candidates where a conflict of interest can arise (family, friends, etc.).
  2. Supervisors should have a thorough knowledge of the computing platform where exams are performed.
  3. Each Supervisor will sign the Code of Conduct which regulates the exam procedures.
  4. Each Supervisor will sign an Agreement of Confidentiality in order to handle candidates’ data.

Exam room requirements

  1. Room is closed during an exam.
  2. Free of noise and distractions.
  3. The Supervisor has a clear line of sight of the room and all the monitors. Each candidate can be observed by the Supervisor(s).
  4. All doors which are not entrances will stay closed during an exam.
  5. Barriers for candidates to prevent seeing each other's monitors.
  6. Surfaces are large enough to fit computer equipment and allowed resources.
  7. Well illuminated.
  8. Accessible and barrier free to all candidates, including disabled persons in a wheelchair.

Minimum technical specifications for exam computers

  1. Browser: Safe Exam Browser.
  2. High Speed Internet connection.
  3. Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixel.
  4. Minimum memory of 1GB of RAM.
  5. CPU with minimum speed of 1.5 GHz.
  6. Hard drive 5 GB minimum.
  7. MAC OS or Windows 7 and above (Linux is currently not supported).
  8. The use of the Terminal Server is NOT allowed.


More information about Joomla! Learning Partners (JLPs).