The United States of Joomla!

It is great to see that the largest Joomla! Events of 2017 are held in two countries with a strong and enthusiastic Joomla! Community! The lovely city of Kraków in Poland had the honor to host this year edition of JandBeyond last June. In November this year, the amazing city of Rome in Italy will host the Joomla! World Conference. Both countries have a large community. They are united by one major thing: the passion for Joomla! But there’s another connection as well...

The Joomla! Administrator Exam at JandBeyond (#JAB17) was the most international exam so far. JAB this year was located in the city of Kraków, Poland. It’s amazing to see what the actual meaning of “Joomla” (all together or as a whole) looks like in real life. Fourteen candidates from Uganda, Israel, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Estonia and Algeria completed the exam on the second day at JandBeyond and eight of them passed with great marks.

The Joomla! Certification Program is still young and growing, but it has already reached important steps. One of them has been to establish ways to make the exam accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, in addition to having sessions at official events like JoomlaDays or JUGs, the Certification Program uses Joomla! Learning Partners, JLP’s. A JLP is an organization that provides Joomla! Certification exams and may also offer Joomla training to its clients.
To know more about them, we start this section “Meet the JLPs”, and in this case with Perfect Web Team, which hosted its first exam on May 2, 2017.

The Joomla! Community has a new reason for celebration. Actually, 100 reasons! Another great milestone has been reached by passing the 100 Certified Administrators mark. This happened in just 9 months, since the launch of the program in August 2016.

Written by Richard van Tilborg, CMT

On Friday March 31, 2017, the biggest Joomla! Administrator Exam worldwide was held in The Netherlands. The Dutch JoomlaDay organization was happy to welcome 29 Joomlers at the venue in Zeist. Many happy faces left the exam room that day.

Taking to the challenge of providing a Certification Program for Joomla! every new project faces some challenges at the beginning. The main challenge was to write a set of reliable questions, well balanced, both regarding subject areas covered and in difficulty. Passing the exam proves that one has the knowledge required to be an all round Joomla! Administrator.