On Saturday September 24th, 2016 Polish Joomlers had the privilege of joining the first Joomla! exam at a European JoomlaDay. An enthusiastic team of organizers had organized a great JoomlaDay with a lot of attention to the Joomla! exams. They had the honor of hosting this historic event at Politechnika Slaska in Gliwice. 16 candidates took the Administrator Exam, including the well-known Polish community member Sławomir Pieszczek, who became the first Certified Joomla! Administrator in Poland. The Supervisor from the Netherlands congratulated “Sławo” on behalf of Joomla! Certification Program members.


The first, so also the biggest!

Richard van Tilborg, Joomla! Learning Partner (JLP) and Team Leader of the Certification Marketing Team (CMT) supervised the first exam at a JLP last Monday. He travelled to the beautiful city of Gliwice for the Polish JoomlaDay to give a presentation about the Certification Program and supervise the exam.

In general people were a little uncertain if they should participate, because the current exams are only available in English. Despite this, 16  out of 120 visitors joined the exam.

Great JoomlaDay

JoomlaDay Poland showed that it is possible to have fun while learning, and that it’s rewarding to help others by sharing knowledge. It’s the true spirit of our community. Razem!

Justyna Michallek and her fantastic team of organizers and volunteers did a great job. The first exam at the Malaysian JoomlaDay was attended by 6 candidates. JoomlaDay Poland had 16 candidates. We hope to meet 26 candidates in Denver on October 1st.