A Joomla! administrator needs to know how user management works in Joomla! For example, how to setup and maintain user registrations, user acceslevels, reset passwords etc. Learn more about Managing Users.

  • Setting user registration policy
  • Changing user registration settings (User Profile Plugin).
  • Adding, editing and deleting a user
  • Managing user notes and user note categories.
  • Block / unblock user
  • Add additional fields to the user form
    Changing user groups
  • Resetting a user password
  • Customizing the Login Form module options
  • Changing the Login Form module settings
  • Understanding what the different default user levels grant access to (Superuser, Admin, Manager, Registered, Public)

Managing Access

  • Setting up ACL in Joomla. The difference between “view” and “edit” access. (Access levels, User groups, Inheritance)
  • Applying the ACL (Articles, Modules, Menu options, Categories, Tags, Components, Frontend, Backend)



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