As a Joomla! administrator you must know how to manage articles and to use and configure all the default features that Joomla! can provide. Learn more about Managing Articles.

  • Managing an article (ie create, edit, delete, archive, publish, unpublish)
  • Working with all the options in the article form like scheduling, choose access level, state, images, links, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Display featured articles
  • Create and assign the homepage
  • Display/hide author name, creation date or update date on all articles
  • Delete and restore an article
  • Restricting access to "read more"
  • Display or hide the email, print or PDF icons for all articles.
  • Understanding the hierarchy of article options
  • Cover the remaining options area
  • Tags
  • Versioning
  • TinyMCE and default editors.


Learn more about Editing an Article 

  • Adding an image to an article (Upload images, alternative text, naming of the image file, optimize for speed and performance, accessibility for the visually impaired (alt tags).)
  • Inserting a heading into an article
  • Inserting a list into an article
  • Inserting a table into an article
  • Modifying a table in an article
  • Inserting and removing links
  • Splitting an article into an introduction with a link to read more
  • Overriding global article settings (display/hide email, print or PDF icons on an article, display/hide author name, creation date or update date on an article, etc.)
  • Splitting a long article into multiple linked pages
  • Media Manager: Uploading and organizing content


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