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WHAT: Joomla! Administrator Certification Exam



Go Pro and become a Certified Joomla! Administrator! Having the Administrator Badge on your website shows your clients and colleagues that you have a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the Joomla! CMS.

On [EXAM DATE AND TIME HERE] you can take an Administrator exam at [EVENT NAME HERE] and become part of a select group of Joomla! Professionals.

The Joomla! exams are not about memorizing a book, but your experience using Joomla. Some of the topics you will be tested on include preparing and installing Joomla, managing and editing articles, managing users and access, security and maintenance, managing extensions, and more. There is more information at

First, visit, to create an account. Second, log in, click the Dashboard tab, and finally, click Buy Your Joomla! Administrator Exam Seat

The price for the Administrator Exam at [EVENT NAME HERE] is $[EXAM PRICE] with the coupon code [COUPON CODE HERE].

The exam is delivered on your own laptop in a quiet room via the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). Like any other exam, no smartphones, no other electronic devices, no paper notebooks are allowed. The Exam Supervisor will ensure a quiet environment so you can concentrate on your exam. In the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) you will get 60 questions that you have to answer within 90 minutes. If you pass with 80% or more, you will receive a Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator Badge and your personal Certificate immediately.


If a candidate fails an exam, there is a 30 day waiting period before they can attempt the exam again.

This refund policy is applicable only for Exams at JoomlaDays that are purchased directly from O.S.M. via this portal.

If a candidate who has booked the exam seat via the exam platform is unable to attend the exam he/she can request a refund by sending the reason for a non-attendance via an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Candidates will be eligible for a full refund if the request is made at least 7 days before the exam session.

A 50% refund will be applied for requests received at least 72 hours before the exam session.

After that period, no refund is applicable, except for special reasons.

If you purchased an exam at Joomla! Learning Partner, please refer to their refund policy. Refunds will only made to the same paypal account you used to make the payment.

Exams bought by Joomla! Learning Partners for resales are non-refundable.

If you are taking the exam at a Joomla! Learning Partner using their computers or laptops, you can skip reading technical requirements. If you are using your own laptop please ensure your system meets the minimum technical requirements as follows;

System Requirement

  • Supported Windows platforms: Windows 7 and above
  • Supported OS X platforms: 10.7 and above
  • 2GB RAM
  • Internet Connection (at least 1Mbps)

* Linux is currently not supported because a Safe Exam Browser(SEB) is not available for Linux.



Download the Safe Exam Browser from the Downloading Safe Exam Browser page and run the installer.



Drag and drop the package to finish installation

seb mac install



The first time you run the browser the following security alert appears, click "Open" to proceed.

seb mac open



Download Safe Exam Browser from Downloading Safe Exam Browser and run the installer.



seb windows agreement

Complete the installation wizard









While running, SEB changes the Windows Registry settings for the options in the Windows Security Screen invoked by Ctrl-Alt-Del.

In addition when running on Windows versions before 10, SEB stops Windows updates while it is running using a Registry setting and re-enables them when being quit (when SEB 2.1.1 or later is running on Windows 10, only the Windows Update background service is stopped and restarted when SEB is quit).

SEB remembers the values for these Registry settings which were active on the computer before running SEB and resets them to the original values when exiting regularly.

In case of a forced reset of the computer while the SEB is running or the SEB crashes, these Registry settings are reset to the original values:this occurs in the following situations:
• when the SEB is restarted once again and properly quit;
• when the computer is restarted
• or when uninstalling the SEB

If you have previously installed SEB or used any of the Joomla! Exam SEB Startup files, and are having trouble to start a new exam, you can carry out the following steps to troubleshoot this;

  • Remove C:\ProgramData\SafeExamBrowser\
  • Remove C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SafeExamBrowser\
  • Run registry cleaner which is included in the SEB installation folder C:\Program Files\SafeExamBrowser\SebWindowsServiceWCF\SebRegistryResetter.exe (This directory path can be different depending where you have installed the Safe Exam Browser on your computer.
  • Uninstall the Safe Exam Browser
  • Restart your computer and re-install the Safe Exam Browser.


SEB doesn't perform any real changes in macOS (this is comprehensible as there is no administrator password necessary when starting SEB for macOS the first time).

One global setting (user defaults) change is performed while SEB is running:

The path where screen shots are saved is temporarily changed when SEB starts and set back to the user's preset when SEB is quit.

If the Mac would be force restarted while SEB is running or SEB would crash, starting and quitting SEB resets the screen shot path again to the original user's preset.

In the unlikely case this should ever fail, it is easy to reset this screen shot path to the system's default (the desktop folder) with the following command line in the terminal:

defaults write location ~/Desktop && killall SystemUIServer

If you want to remove SEB settings and SEB completely from your machine, do the following;

Trash Safe Exam Browser Application from your applications folder.

Go to ~Library/Preferences and find Safe Exam Browser related plist file and trash it.


Once you log into the Safe Exam Browser, you no longer have access to anything else on that device, including password managers or browser saved passwords.

Because of this, you should log into the Exam Dashboard on a normal browser prior to the exam, and change your password to something that is easy to remember.

Once you sit down to commence the exam, you will need to remember this password to be able to log in. Every other password will be provided, except for this one. So make it easy!

At the end of the exam, please change this password back to something more secure.